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Among such ways is the development of rehabilitation centers to aid in cancelling drug abusers and talk them out of drug abuse. As well, the development of youth projects would keep them busy hence reducing their chances of abusing drugs. Hence, drug abuse causes more harm than good. Login Order now. Call Now! Order now. Search for:.

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Free essay sample on the given topic "Advantages Of Studying Locally". Thus he became more popular in the area and would go on to represent Davao City in the Philippines Senate.

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However, his methods would remain incredibly controversial. Duterte ran for president in on a strictly anti-drug platform. His pledge that he had made on the campaign trail, that he would urge all citizens who were believed to be involved in the drug trade, had become a reality. Many initially showed their support, saying that there was no other option and it was justified. Over the course of his first year in office, his ethics were scrutinized over by many human rights groups and people in government. Two U. The Philippines has been in the midst of the drug crisis for a long time, and it has become so detrimental that many citizens believe wiping out those involved is necessary.

Over 16 million citizens are involved somehow, from dealing drugs such as Opium, Marijuana, and Shabu to taking them. This country in the Pacific has, for a long time, had a very complicated history with drugs. S has significantly contributed to the issue. China has been a primary supplier of opium and other narcotics to the Philippines for hundreds of years, and that industry continued underground once the U.

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However, when the Philippines gained their independence almost half a century later, and all previous laws regarding limiting drug use were overturned. Slowly, new laws were put in place to make drug use illegal. Over the years to come, drug use would begin to rise in popularity, with its epicenter at the capital of the Philippines, Manila.

Results and AnalysisPresident Duterte is waging the war on drugs with the original and fundamental intention of decreasing the drug trade in the Philippines, however, his motives are being clouded as his presidency progresses. His megalomaniac tendencies have become increasingly present in the way he addresses the crisis. Much of the country, however, did not agree with his claims. This further illustrates the fact that Duterte craves a sort of power. Illegal killings of addicts and drug dealers are on the rise and orchestrated by the Filipino president himself.

Time Nonetheless, the government has repeatedly denied that these murders are without a fair trial and committed by his police. These people are usually shot and left in the streets. There is no due process. Duterte feels that fear will keep him in power and the country under his control.

He wants everyone to understand that he is not one to be messed with. In a way, he is even returning to authoritarian rule ideology.

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A president is a man of the people as well, and he initially fought for the greater good for them. For every report claiming it is harmless there are reports saying it is damaging. The empirical evidence alone is enough to prove it is harmful. Would you trust a long-term weed user to guard a maximum security prison, take your kids to a theme park or fly you home?

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And, weed is addictive! Weed causes a pleasurable state, and anything that causes a pleasurable state may become addicted. There are people who spend a third of their annual income on weed, and they are doing it because they need to. They need to because they are addicted. Most of the people in prison are there for drug related offenses. Even the people who are convicted of assault and robbery are there because it somehow leads back to drugs. Make drugs legal and all of this crime goes away. The logic of the legalization argument is terrible.

Argumentative Essay on Drugs

Legalize drugs and the smuggling and selling crimes are replaced by people-under-the-influence crimes and the effect would bring any country to its knees. Recreational drugs are fought for by a lot of people and yet they are so meaningless. Life is so short and yet people want to induce a state where they do not know they are alive.