What is a concept paper in research

You can come up with as many questions as possible.

How To Make A Concept Paper For Your Research

The more the questions, the longer your research paper will be as it will seek to answer each of them. The questions can range from:. A hypothesis, also known as a thesis or theses in plural, is a tentative, usually informed or educated guess about a certain scenario. The hypothesis is what you will either prove or disprove when the research is done and therefore, be able to draw your conclusion. Come up with conclusive and tangible evidence to prove or disprove all the hypotheses you had stated earlier.

Methods of data analysis include the use of statistical analysis such as mean, totals, income, or the general relationship between variables which can be enhanced by the use of graphical methods where possible. Having developed all the above, you are now ready to come up with your concept paper, which will detail each of the steps outlined.

The following is a guideline on how to structure your ideas for the perfect concept paper. You should begin with a title that fully summarizes what the project you are carrying out is about.

Concept Paper

Avoid being wordy and stick to the main point. This serves as the most important part of the concept paper. You must be seeking to add value and convince the reader that you are doing so. For example, your research should seek to solve an existing problem or provide further insights into a scarcely researched topic. The problem should be clear.

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Why would you want to investigate the topic under study, and how your research will be helpful in achieving this? Herein, you need to provide the evidence that the research you need to carry out is necessary in that it has not been carried out before or has not been adequately done. Here are some questions that may help you nail this element:. Outline specific groups of people who the study may benefit and how it will benefit them. You need to back up your passion for the topic under research with solid literature that supports the topic, for example, literature that supports the fact that further research needs to be carried out in that area.

You need to show that there exists an information gap which your research seeks to fill. The wider the variety of literature review you have carried out, the more solid and convincing your concept paper will be. This is a broad statement or statements of what the research seeks to achieve. These are important as they will direct you on every research area, for example, the type of data to collect and how to analyze it. Make sure you have exhausted all the questions for the research to be complete.

How to write a concept paper

The research hypotheses stem from the research topic or the research questions and are, therefore, easy to draft. They are a statement of the situation you anticipate based on some prior knowledge you have, even before you carry out the research. The research seeks to find out if these hypotheses are true or not. There should be a positive and a negative hypothesis for each statement given. A positive hypothesis agrees with the statement in question while a negative hypothesis opposes it.

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At the end of the research paper, you will either accept or reject your positive hypothesis based on your findings. It details the research design, that is, what kind of research you intend to carry out. You can either carry out:. Undertaking a research can take a very long time if not well planned for, and it is, therefore, important to lay out just how much time you may need to complete each element of the research project and ultimately the whole project.

In this section, you need to set a time frame that is realistic. Always remember to give credit to any sources you may have sourced your information from.

Research Concept Paper

This can be done within the document or at the end of the concept paper. Below is an example of a concept paper how to write. It will give you a detailed picture of what to include in your concept paper and ease the process of coming up with your own. Of late, there have been so many cases of food-related illnesses that are being directly associated with the low quality of food products being released to the market by the many food processing firms. It is clear that the quality of products that these firms are producing is below the industry mark.

Surprisingly, these food firms which are already losing their reputation still seem to be blossoming. There is a general perception that quality affects the performance of firms and this ironic trend, therefore, begs the question as to just how vital quality is in the production process. This study seeks to answer the question on just how much the quality considerations of a firm affect its performance in terms of factors such as the ability to make more sales, maintain profit, as well as remain in the market.

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Is quality that much a factor as we all imagine it to be? If it is, why are these firms still doing so well, and if it is not what other factors are causing these firms to continue to prosper? Have we lost the quality battle by offering sub-standard products to our people, and should we reconsider our quality restrictions? It has been widely agreed that quality is a factor that firms need to consider in order to compete in the global market Paiva, Is this however the scenario on the ground and does quality play such a great role in the performance of food producing firms?

The study shall focus on the four main quality components including Quality planning, control, assurance, and improvement, and how each affects the performance of a firm when well implemented. Examples of performance standards include sales levels, brand image, reduced rework rates, and customer retention rates. Many documented texts agree that there is a relationship between quality considerations and the performance of firms.

According to Garvin , quality is based on innate excellence, recognizable on through experience.

Abbot describes it as a measurable variable, and in another study, quality is subjective and individual based Maio According to Sower , quality refers to the conformance to prior set specifications. The final argument is that quality is based on cost and prices Jones The above scholars argue that quality is essential in the performance of a firm.

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