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Victor acknowledges that music is a language, and a person must approach it the same way he learns language. Both music and language are used for one purpose: to communicate and to express feelings. They can make you laugh or cry, think or make questions, and can speak to one or many.

Music and language make you move. There are situations when music works better than language. Even though music can be not understood, it is effective. This is true, but not all musicians or singers from top music artists follow this rule. Music touches people in a very personal way. They listen to music that influences their emotions.

Sometimes it serves the basis for a music career. Although it is challenging, sometimes it is rewarding.

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Its impact is great, but natural sounds affect a person too. Music possesses a physiological influence on a person. Different shouting, unpleasant noises that one may hear on a street, or the sound of a bell mostly influence one negative. On the other hand the sound of the sea brings calmness and resting.

One more way of music impact is cognitive way. If a person works in an environment of constant physical noise, his productivity will be very law. So, if you have to work in space like that, carry headphones with you, put them on and listen to the pleasant music.

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Your activity will triple. Music affects behaviorally. There is music from which people may feel uncomfortably. In case your teacher asks you to write music in my life essay, rely on our company.

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Any task can be done by our writers, be sure to receive the best essay writing in time. Imagine the situation when an artist creates a song. He transforms his emotional state into a music recording. This matter influences the vibration in music. For these reasons, vibration affects the listener, because he is exposed to it.

While a person listens to music he may experience two types of emotions: perceived and felt emotions. When one perceives music, he can listen to it without feeling emotions. Thus, a person can actually understand and control the impact of music on him. Someone may transform the vibration of music into his own energy for any purpose, desire, motivation, happiness, and joy. If a person combines the three elements, he will function at his highest level. This is the reason why people rise and fall, they can be whatever they want. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.

It can be no other way. This is not philosophy.

This is physics. Have you heard that music is a core function in the brain? Babies are able to distinguish the difference in rhythmic patterns. It is an unnoticed fact that music precedes language. Across all cultures and all times, mothers have used lullabies to calm crying babies. Notice that when one listens to music, he begins to move to the rhythm unconsciously. This happens because musical input runs to the motor nervous in the spinal cord.

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Nobody teaches baby to dance to a beat. They hear it in their homes, on the radio on their way to work; some people have even caught themselves humming the tune of their favorite song to themselves. But how many people actually listen and not just hear the music they are listening to? Everything was in hard copy back then — records turned into cassettes, which turned into compact disks, news was delivered over the radio or through the newspaper.

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Today, the popular way to listen to music is through MP3 — it is not a hard copy and has to be listened to through an MP3 player. Music lovers would go to concerts, not YouTube, to listen to music. People would go to their local movie theater to see…. Genuine artistry has the power to influence generations and that remains evident in hip hop music.

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The power to positively impact urban youth is more important now than it has ever…. Some view hip-hop music purely as a form of entertainment, others see it as glorification of violence, and some see it as a way to express themselves. Hip-hop music encompasses a vast audience, demographically and culturally. Whether you agree, disagree, or undecided hip-hop music for better or worse is impacting our youths and has found a home in our society.

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He loved every aspect of music, whether it was vocals or instruments. Although he was young, he had already written and composed five pieces. His talent for music and passion for success reached out to hundreds of people. He would have been a talented musician and a proliferating scholar. Unfortunately, due to his untimely death on December 7, only his words, memory, and music can illustrate his powerful impact on others and his raw talent for music. He was capable to…. Meaning, messages, and purpose all transformed or shifted for as long as music has existed.

Different styles have developed resulting to the creation of new genres or at least a new style of that genre. Many of the most popular artists deviated from the usual, creating unique music which successfully appealed to people. The late s was the beginning of music therapy. From that time, music therapy has developed along with years passed with many advantages and achievements. Music therapy is applied not only in the United States, but in many countries as well.

This therapy is an alternative to many medications that harm the body. Ancient Greece B. In the ancient cultures of many countries, including Egypt…. Music is found in every culture, past and present; some music is used for ceremonies and others are used for enjoyment. Music is used to bring together families, friends, and strangers. Without music, understanding one another is difficult, especially understanding another culture.

The history of music dates back to approximately 55, years around the continent of Africa. From prehistoric music to modern music, the idea of music is still used today to express feelings and used in ceremonies. By doing so leaders discovered that exposures to particular aspects of media content can impact the behavior of the reader or the viewer. This was there attempt to make society powerless to the subconscious message that media carries.