Spending leisure time essay

It is only after the necessary rest that we feel fresh as before. Thus leisure is quite essential for our system after hard work. This does not mean that we should absolutely cease to do any work because work is as necessary as rest. Rest can also be had by a change in occupation.

What is the best way of spending leisure time?

For example we have been working hard at mathematics for 4 hours and long for rest. But we need not sit idle.

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We can sing a few of our favourite songs and enjoy tunes. That is also rest. This is not only a pleasing occupation but also useful. We may also attend to our garden during your leisure hours.

383 words essay on the Leisure and it’s Uses

We may trim a plant or prune a creeper or dig the ground. We may watch the glory of the buds blooming into a flower. Watering flower plants is not only a pleasant diversion but also a very useful form of physical exercise.

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We can also watch the birds around. Some may try their hand at drawing or painting.

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Writing, as this means has a great role in improving the psyche of the person and the translation of ideas and feelings and emptying them on paper. Man can adhere to this habit until it becomes an integral part of his life, and may develop this talent to become a well-known writer later. A person can begin to write about a particular event or turning point in his or her life, he can also write his diary, for example.

Writing poetry in its various forms and types.

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Sewing , a nice idea to start a sewing project, fashion design, knitting art pieces. Walking, it has multiple benefits to the health of the body, heart and blood vessels.

Drawing, which allows the person to translate the ideas in his head through the work of simple graphics, and can develop this talent through the lessons of learning online and available free of charge. The manufacture of various accessories and jewelry , which require multiple raw materials, and can learn this skill through learning lessons spread across the Web. To learn the chess , it is known that this game helps to increase thinking, raise the level of intelligence, in addition to being a good way to challenge the self.

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The Importance Of Integrating Leisure Time On My Life